Making progress

The lovely weather we have been having recently has me really on a roll! I tackle one border at a time but some of the borders take more than a session to tidy.  As this is the beginning of Seachtain na Gaeilge I hope we will all try and use the Cupla Focal. Being Ireland, Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language week) goes from 1st March till 17th March – Saint Patricks Day – a very very long week!!!!

So I decided to look up the Irish for Weeding. My dictionary says Gortglanadh meaning “field cleaning” and I have to say as I worked my way through the borders this seems a very apt way to describe what I am doing!

Its a great opportunity to remove unwelcome self-seeders, or move them elsewhere, reduce the size of some of the more thug-like plants (of which I have quite a few). So it is an opportunity to create new plants for free!

The best part for me is discovering little treasures that I have forgotten or special self-seeders that seem to have chosen the best possible place for them to grow. Having done a serious Gortglanadh the border can look like a wasteland but it only takes a few weeks before the new growth takes over and the borders put on their summer greenery!

So here is a “before” and “after” just to show what I mean!

Definitely needs clearing
That’s more like it!

2 thoughts on “Making progress

  1. Paddy Tobin

    Fad is a thá tú amuigh tá mé i mo luí ar mo leaba agus cé go bhfuil fonn orm bheith amuigh ní féidir anois é – ach tiocfaidh na laethanta sin arís. Bain taitneamh as do ghortglanadh – ach tóg go bog é!


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