Oops!What have I done?

The mild weather in February encouraged some Cerinthe seedlings I had transplanted to the planters on the the patio to burst into bloom! I had the impression that Cerinthes were more summer flowering plants so they really took me by surprise!

What also took me by surprise was that I had apparently planted some random Spring bulbs in the same planters! I really should take note when I do this kind of thing! So some daffodils, early tulips and hyacinths have been struggling to make their presence felt but they were fighting a losing battle. So today when the rain finally let up a bit I took the situation in hand! The cerinthes have been tied up so that the poor bulbs have a chance to do their thing!


I had to cut off some of the more aggresive Cerinthes so now I’m experimenting to see how well they survive as cut flowers!


I wonder what will be the result if I dead-head these early-bird cerinthes? I would hate to have to start planting up those planters to give me a display this summer!!!!


2 thoughts on “Oops!What have I done?

  1. We are the lucky ones Jackie! I have given seedlings to Ciara a few times and they don’t do for her at all and a new gardening friend just asked for a seedling as she has tried without success too!


  2. Jackie Kennedy

    Hazel I have Cerinthe all Winter long. Seedlings in my front garden that are appeared around the end of Sept and have been going ever since. I did notice ones in the planter at my hall door too and as you say the warmth has brought out the lovely purple flowers. But I too had to tie up some around the new Acer thats planted in the front as they were smothering everything in their path. It will be interesting to see how they survive in the vase. By the way it was you who introduced me to Cerinthe and Im delighted you did too!


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