Taking a chance

I have a lovely Viburnum Plicatum Mareseii for a few years. I bought it on a visit to Kilquade Garden but really didn’t have a spot in mind for it – as you do! So it knocked about in a pot for a little while but because of the spreading nature of this plant it kept tipping over – so in desperation I just stuck it in the ground near the Shelter Belt intending to move it later. Each year I would look at it – half hidden by the seating in that area – and last year it even flowered! But I still couldn’t decide where it should go. Well at last I have put it out of its misery!

Viburnum Maresii is barely visible behind the seat

I’m just hoping I don’t kill the poor thing moving it at this time of year! The new location is a a centerpiece to the Sedum Garden. This particular area is not great soil and tended to get very waterlogged at times so I brought in lots of sand and the sedums really like it there. Of course planting a small tree in this environment was a bit more challenging. First excavate the sand, then dig down to the actual soil – that heavy uninviting clay that has broken my heart in many areas – combine the clay with lots of compost and sand and eventually move Ms Mareseii to her new home! Quite a labour but so far she is looking very happy – no sign of drooping leaves so I may just get away with it!

Ms Mareseii looking much happier now!

I wonder will she flower for me this year?

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