Seizing the moment

It rained pretty incessantly all day today but as I was finishing my dinner the sun came out. I had bought a couple of plants today in Lidl so I went out with the intention of planting the new plants. Of course once they were planted I just automatically started weeding and tidying – and before I knew it I had the Hot Border completely sorted!

The decision to lower the hedge at the end of the garden was a good one and today the sound of the sheep and their lambs is a part of the “borrowed landscape” at this part of the garden.

Once I had finished the weeding I strolled around the garden and spotted a number of things that had burst into flower in the past couple of days!

This Laburnum hasn’t really lived up to my expectations of it. It was purchased in flower and looked lovely but the next year – Nada! – Nothing! This year it has flowered but I am not happy with the overall shape of the tree but I need to read up about it and see if I can improve its overall appearance.

The Lilac is only coming into flower now and as always it is looking great! I was jus about to go indoors when I spotted this little beauty peeping out at me!

Aquilegia Heavenly Blue is one I thought I had lost so it was particularly delightful to see it opening up to the late sunshine! The camera has given it a more purple hue but in reality it is a true blue!

This was such a bonus time this evening – I suppose I was only in the garden for about an hour or so but after the miserable day of dodging the rain goind shopping, and watching the rain stream down the windows it was like a different world this evening!

4 thoughts on “Seizing the moment

  1. It was such a delight to get out after the dreadful rain all day! I was surprised that I got the border sorted – I had mulched it with willow shreddings and that really seemed to keep the weeds down a good bit!


  2. Sometimes I get more done in a bonus hour like that in a whole day of gardening when it’s easy to get distracted moving from one thing to another and finishing none of them! The early evening light is so lovely too. Nice job on the border Hazel.


  3. Paddy Tobin

    Good to snatch the moments and enjoy them. In contrast, we had a day of good weather here today and were able to spend a good amount of time in the garden though Mary went out again in the evening and was eat alive by midges!


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